Current Construction Projects

Stay current on construction progress and impacts

Georgetown University is investing in new spaces to make progress toward developing a more vibrant living and learning campus. This page includes information about current construction projects, including project status, campus impacts, and timelines. Current construction projects include (see more information below):

  • MedStar Surgical Pavilion
  • Cooper Field
  • Walsh/De La Cruz Gallery of Art

PROJECT UPDATE (3/26/2018)

As construction continues on the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Medical/Surgical Pavilion, which would enhance north campus with new green space and state-of-the-art facilities, you will notice significant changes to pedestrian and vehicle traffic patterns. Beginning Tuesday, March 27, traffic pattern changes in areas surrounding the site will accommodate demolition of the Kober-Cogan building and underground utility work necessary for the pavilion’s construction.

Please see the attached map, which outlines the road closures and new two-way traffic flow between Entrance 1 and the Leavey garage.

  • The road and pedestrian walkway between the Kober-Cogan and the Leavey Center buildings will be closed indefinitely.
  • The roadway directly in front of Darnall Hall, St. Mary’s Hall and Epicurean will be closed indefinitely.
  • The road leading from Entrance 1 off Reservoir Road to the Leavey garage will be widened to allow for two-way traffic. Vehicles will be able to enter the hospital campus via Entrance 1 and travel straight to the Leavey garage (as well as continue west under Pasquerilla to the Lombardi entrance and West Road). Vehicles will use the same road to exit the garage and proceed straight to the Entrance 1 exit lane.

Please note how these road closures will impact pedestrian traffic:

  • Pedestrians will no longer be able to walk between Kober-Cogan and the Leavey garage. The entire roadway and the sidewalks adjacent to the Leavey garage will be closed.
  • Pedestrians must use the marked crosswalk on the north end (closest to Reservoir Road side) or through the Leavey Center. Both routes are handicap accessible. Pedestrian access will be maintained on the sidewalk in front of Darnall Hall and Epicurean. Pedestrians should not attempt to walk through the Leavey garage to avoid the road closures.

The Wisconsin Avenue shuttles will continue to pick-up and drop-off in their relocated position on the northside of St. Mary's Hall, indicated as Stop 1 in this shuttle map. Barring traffic, this relocation does not affect the shuttle pick-up times.  

Signage and traffic control personnel will be in place to direct vehicles and pedestrians. We encourage everyone to use caution and utilize the marked crosswalks to ensure safety in the construction area.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during all construction activities.

PROJECT UPDATE (3/13/2018)

As previously communicated, the first stage of construction of the new MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Medical/Surgical Pavilion involves the abatement and demolition of the Kober-Cogan Building. MedStar is in the process of obtaining permits from the District of Columbia. Contingent on permit status, demolition could begin as early as Thursday, March 15.

The demolition process will take approximately two months to complete. All work will be monitored by a full-time, third-party certified industrial hygiene technician for compliance with all applicable safety regulations and protocols. In cooperation with the University and neighbors, MedStar is committed to minimizing noise and maintaining a safe environment around the construction site.

Noise Control
In compliance with the District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, construction activities will only occur between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.,Monday through Saturday. MedStar will also maintain compliance with the District of Columbia Noise Control Act. Defined quiet periods will be observed from 7 – 8 a.m., Monday through Friday, and from 7 – 9 a.m. on Saturdays. During these quiet periods the following practices will be observed:

  • Use of flaggers instead of back-up beepers for on-site trucks
  • No tailgate slamming on dump trucks
  • No hammer-drilling
  • No core-drilling
  • No power-actuated fasteners
  • No sawing

Site Safety and Air Quality
Safety in and around the construction site is top priority. To demolish Kober-Cogan safely, a high-reach excavator will be used to take the building apart in small pieces. As the work is done, the building will be sprayed with water to minimize and contain dust and debris. Large drapes will also be used to cover areas of the building and minimize resulting dust.

We encourage all staff, students and visitors to use caution around this construction area. Please utilize the marked crosswalks to ensure your safety. Safety guards are positioned at the primary crosswalks near the construction site to allow pedestrians to cross through the area. Pedestrians are encouraged to use the marked crosswalk on the north end (Reservoir Road side) between the Hospital and Epicurean/Darnall Hall or through the Leavey Center via the Hotel Conference Center entrance.

Questions or concerns about the construction can be sent to You can also sign up for project updates on MedStar’s construction website,

We thank you for your patience and understanding during all construction activities.


Due to construction of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital’s Medical/Surgical Pavilion, the Main Campus GUTS Wisconsin Avenue Shuttle stop will be relocated. Beginning Monday, March 12, 2018, the shuttle stop will be relocated to the half circle on the north side of St. Mary's Hall, noted as Stop 1 in the attached map. This relocation does not affect the shuttle pick-up times.  

Please also be aware that the existing construction fence around Parking Lot A has been expanded to include the entire Lot A area. With the full closure of Lot A, pedestrians are encouraged to use the marked crosswalk on the north end (Reservoir Road side) between the Hospital and Epicurean/Darnall Hall. Pedestrians can also travel through the Leavey Center via the Hotel Conference Center entrance. The sidewalk from St. Mary’s Hall to Main Campus buildings remains open.

Thank you for prioritizing safety and using the designated crosswalks at all times. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  

To prepare for the surgical pavilion construction, MedStar installed an interim safety and security fence around the Kober-Cogan building and parts of Parking Lot A. The fence is the first phase of the building’s abatement and demolition. All materials considered to be hazardous are being contained and removed to ensure no one is unsafely exposed to the materials. MedStar has assured us that the demolition process is in full compliance with the safety requirements of all federal and local regulatory agencies. Demolition of the building is expected to be completed by June. 

As MedStar continues to make progress on this project, we write to make you aware of upcoming actions MedStar will take in preparation for full construction.

March 1: Large Equipment Delivery

  • On Thursday, March 1, MedStar expects to receive multiple deliveries of large equipment. As required and permitted by the District of Columbia, these deliveries will occur during non-rush hours.
  • The delivery trucks will follow an arrival and departure route as defined by the community-approved Construction Management Plan and as approved by the District of Columbia Department of Transportation.
  • Flaggers will be in place on Reservoir Road to control traffic in both directions so the delivery trucks can safely navigate the turn into Entrance 1.

March 3: Full Closure of Parking Lot A

  • Beginning Saturday, March 3, surface Parking Lot A will be fully closed. The existing construction fence will be expanded to include the entire lot area and safely contain all site preparation work.
  • With the full closure of Lot A, pedestrians will be directed to use the marked crosswalk on the north end (Reservoir Road side) to walk between the Hospital and Epicurean/Darnall Hall.

March 5 – 31: Fence Construction Along Reservoir Road

  • Beginning Monday, March 5, construction will begin on a decorative wooden fence between surface Parking Lot B and the sidewalk along Reservoir Road.
  • In accordance with Medstar’s agreement with the Georgetown Community Partnership, this aesthetically pleasing fence will separate the construction site from the community sidewalk and surrounding area.

March 12: New Traffic Pattern at Entrance 1

  • During the week of March 12, a new traffic pattern will begin at Entrance 1. The incoming roadway from Entrance 1 will be widened to allow for two-way traffic, with one lane of incoming traffic from Entrance 1 to the Leavey Garage and one lane of outgoing traffic from the Leavey Garage to Entrance 1.
  • The east portion of surface Parking Lot B will close for utility work. The remaining spaces in Lot B will be used only for valet-parked vehicles. No self-parking is allowed in Lot B.

March 12 – 31: Directional Signage for Pedestrians and Vehicular Traffic

  • Signs will be posted to direct pedestrians to use the marked crosswalk on the north end of the construction site to walk between the Hospital and Epicurean/Darnall Hall. Safety personnel will help pedestrians cross through this area.
  • Signs will be posted to properly direct vehicles entering and exiting Entrance 1.

Parking and Valet Services for Patients & Visitors

  • Hospital patients and visitors can still utilize the valet parking service outside the Pasquerilla Healthcare Center and Gorman buildings, as well as the valet services outside the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (all accessible via Entrance 1).
  • Patients and visitors who wish to self-park are encouraged to park in Garage 1 (accessible via Entrance 2).

To improve air quality during construction, Clark Construction will install filters on air intakes facing the work area. These filters will be installed on the Leavey Center, including its clock tower, Reiss Science Building, Henle Village, Darnall Hall, and St. Mary's Hall. The filters will be accessed and changed from a ladder or lift on the building exterior's and will be replaced every month during construction.

Over the next year, a new East-West Roadway will offset some of the traffic restrictions resulting from pavilion construction. This road will ultimately provide access from the Leavey Center and West Road to Reservoir Road. Before road construction commences, a survey of existing manholes in Lombardi Circle and the roadway south of the Pre-Clinical Science Building will be conducted, requiring the closure of one lane of traffic for short durations. The date has not yet been finalized, but will be set outside peak traffic times to minimize disruptions. Once scheduled, we will let our community know.

Safety in and around these construction sites is a priority. We encourage everyone to use caution around these areas and to utilize the marked crosswalks. As with all similar construction projects, the schedule of equipment deliveries and site preparation work is contingent upon the receipt of required permits and may be affected by inclement weather. If any scheduled work or deliveries are changed, we will coordinate with MedStar to send an updated announcement.

Questions or concerns about the MedStar Georgetown Medical/Surgical Pavilion construction can be sent to Construction Executive Matt Maio, Trammel Crow Company, at or (202) 360-5735. You can also sign up for project updates on MedStar’s construction website,


Safety is our number one priority during construction. We ask for your heightened awareness as you travel around campus and to adhere to the following safety precautions:

  • Exercise caution when walking, biking, or driving in the vicinity of construction sites
  • Obey construction signs and construction personnel providing direction through the work zones
  • Utilize sidewalks, stay within enclosed walking areas, and follow pavement markings
  • Report any unsafe conditions or emergencies to the Georgetown University Police Department at 687-4343


Construction projects will have impacts on campus, including changing pedestrian, bike, and vehicle routes and creating additional activity on campus. We are committed to maintaining a safe and accessible campus for our entire community during construction.

Please report any concerns or questions about construction impacts to Planning and Facilities Management will notify the appropriate project manager to resolve the issue directly or work with construction contractors to do so. 


Below is a campus map showing construction zones, project updates, and anticipated impacts. Specific information about each project is also below. Check this page and the master planning blog for updates.

Map of Current Georgetown University Construction Projects

Current Map of Georgetown University Construction Projects


Project Scope: MedStar will begin construction of the new Medical/Surgical Pavilion in the spring of 2018. Approved by the Zoning Commission in June of 2017, the new Medical/Surgical Pavilion will significantly enhance North Campus with construction of an underground parking garage, added green space, and improved traffic patterns resulting in a more pedestrian-friendly campus.

Timeline: Approved by zoning commission June 2017; Construction begins Spring 2018


Project scope: Renovation and repurposing of the Walsh black box space to accommodate new art gallery. Includes the addition of an entry foyer on the southwest corner of the building and upgrades to the existing Walsh lobby immediately adjacent to the art gallery space.

Project manager: Carla Tiberi | | (202) 687-5972


Project Scope: Cooper Field construction begins in January 2018. This project will replace the current bleachers with a permanent structure to include game-day locker rooms, concessions, restrooms and a press box, as well as landscape improvements.

Timeline: Construction begins January 2018