Current Construction Projects

Stay current on construction progress and impacts

Georgetown University is investing in new spaces to make progress toward developing a more vibrant living and learning campus. This page includes information about current construction projects, including project status, campus impacts, and timelines. Current construction projects include (see more information below):

  • Ryan and Freedom Halls
  • Pedro Arrupe, S.J. Residence Hall
  • Thompson Athletic Center
  • Proton Therapy
  • Utility Plant
  • McDonough Bus Turnaround


Safety is our number one priority during construction. We ask for your heightened awareness as you travel around campus and to adhere to the following safety precautions:

  • Exercise caution when walking, biking, or driving in the vicinity of construction sites
  • Obey construction signs and construction personnel providing direction through the work zones
  • Utilize sidewalks, stay within enclosed walking areas, and follow pavement markings
  • Report any unsafe conditions or emergencies to the Georgetown University Police Department at 687-4343


Construction projects will have impacts on campus, including changing pedestrian, bike, and vehicle routes and creating additional activity on campus. We are committed to maintaining a safe and accessible campus for our entire community during construction.

Please report any concerns or questions about construction impacts to Planning and Facilities Management will notify the appropriate project manager to resolve the issue directly or work with construction contractors to do so. 


Below is a campus map showing construction zones, project updates, and anticipated impacts. Click the map to enlarge and download as a PDF. Specific information about each project is also below. Check this page and the master planning blog for updates.

Current Construction 2017


Project scope: Renovation of the historic Ryan Hall and Freedom Hall as an upperclass residence hall and new outdoor space. Read more about the vision for Ryan Hall and Freedom Hall. 

Current project phase: Ryan Hall and Freedom Hall opened as an undergraduate residence hall in August 2015. Final work on the pathway in front of the building courtyard continues with brick installation and landscaping.

Work hours: 8:00am to 7:00pm, daily (schedule is subject to change)

Closures and alternate routes: Library Walk is open to pedestrians and the construction barriers are gone. Construction fencing does remain on a portion of Library Walk to protect the small construction area in front of the courtyard.

Library Walk is closed to non-construction vehicles between Gervase and Healy, except in limited circumstances. The east entrance to Gervase is closed and the west entrance from Old North Way is the primary entrance during construction.

Pedestrians should use the temporary pedestrian pathway on the south side of Library Walk (along Village A). Striped crosswalks are at Old North Way and Healy Hall.

ADA accessibility: An ADA pathway is now open from the entrance to Ryan Hall, through the courtyard and the Gervase breezeway to Old North Way, with access to Dahlgren Quad. ADA access up Library Walk from Tondorf Road remains through the Healey Family Student Center and exiting by Village A. 

Scheduled completion: October 2015

Project manager: Brian Barger |

Pedro Arrupe, S.J. Residence Hall

Project scope: Construction of a new suite-style residence hall with multipurpose space and new outdoor space. Read more about the vision for the Pedro Arrupe, S.J. Residence Hall.

Current project phase: Major exterior concrete work is complete and exterior brick work will begin in October. Follow the progress on the live construction camera.

Work hours: 8:00am to 7:00pm (schedule subject to change)

Closures and alternate routes: The pathway along the east side of Reiss and the Leavey Center bridge are closed. Pedestrians can access the Leavey Center and north campus locations by walking around the west side of Reiss and up Tondorf Road. Enter the Leavey Center through Regents Hall, through the door next to the garage entrance, or at the northeast corner of the building.

Tondorf Road is closed between Regents Hall and the Leavey Center. The east entrance to the Leavey Center garage is closed and drivers should enter and exit the west entrance of the Leavey Center garage.

Pedestrians using Tondorf Road can continue to use the sidewalk and pedestrian pathways on either side of the road to access north campus locations. Signs and flaggers are in place to alert drivers and pedestrians to changes and mark alternate pathways.

ADA accessibility: ADA access to the Leavey Center and north campus is through Regents Hall. From south campus, enter Regents and take elevator to the 4th floor. From Red Square, follow the path around the west side of Reiss, proceed into Regents Hall, and take the elevator to the 4th floor. From the Leavey Center, exit through the hotel and conference center, turn right and proceed toward Henle and Darnall.

Scheduled completion: July 2016

Project manager: Lenn Robinson |


Project scope: Construction of a new athletic center with practice, training, meeting, and academic space for student-athletes. Read more about the vision for the John R. Thompson, Jr. Intercollege Athletics Center.

Current project phase: The building structural steel work is complete and concrete pours are continuing in October. Follow progress on the Thompson Athletic Center on the live construction camera.

Work hours: 8:00am to 7:00pm. Loud work will not begin before 9:00am (schedule subject to change)

Closures and alternate routes: No current road closures as a result of this project.

ADA accessibility: This project is not changing accessible routes around the site.

Scheduled completion: Summer 2016

Project manager: Chris Jordan |


Project scope: Construction of a Proton Therapy Center, a cancer treatment center as part of Medstar Georgetown University Hospital.

Current project phase: Excavation for the foundation and utilities is underway. During this phase, truck traffic will increase to the site via Canal Road and West Road. A construction trailer is on site outside the Pasquerilla Healthcare Center (PHC).

Closures and alternate routes: The main entrance to the Lombardi building lobby is closed to pedestrians. Visitors and associates will be able to access the Lombardi Center via the Gorman Building or PHC. The outdoor pedestrian pathway from the Leavey Center to the Medical Center campus will remain open. The entrance to the Leavey Center hotel and conference center will also remain open. 

Lombardi patient valet will occur at the circle in front of the Gorman Building, adjacent to PHC and Lot A. Vehicles will still be able to travel up West Road and around the Leavey Center to the Reservoir Road exit.

ADA accessibility: The outdoor pathway from the Leavey Center to the Medical Center will include an ADA-accessible ramp.

Scheduled completion: Fall 2016


Project scope: Upgrades to the university's Utility Plant to provide chilled water and other utilities to new buildings on campus.

Current project phase: Chiller and cooling tower installation is complete. Minor work continues inside the plant and outside for landscaping. 

Work hours: 8:00am to 7:00pm (schedule subject to change)

Closures and alternate routes: There will be intermittent lane closures on West Road during construction. Signs and flaggers will be in place during any closures.

The Yates parking lot is limited to visitors that require ADA parking and deliveries. Alumni and Friends members can continue using the Southwest Garage with Yates dashboard passes. Faculty and staff should use assigned lots.

ADA accessibility: This project is not changing accessible routes around the site.

Scheduled completion: October 2015

Project manager: Julianna Carney | 


Project scope: Creating a bus turnaround for four GUTS bus routes (Dupont, Rosslyn, Arlington, and Law Center) with an expanded pedestrian plaza, new bus shelters, and new green space. 

Current project phase: Installation of brick pavers and fall plantings will continue through October. The bus turnaround will go into operation on November 2, 2015.

Work hours: 8:00am to 7:00pm (schedule subject to change)

Closures and alternate routes: There will be temporary, intermittent vehicle rerouting around the site as construction continues.

Scheduled completion: November 2, 2015