Impacted Pedestrian Pathways

Project Update (4/4/2019)

Starting on Monday, the road underpass between the Leavey Center and the Pasquerilla Health Center (PHC) will be temporarily closed to facilitate work for the new East-West Road. Vehicles will no longer be able to take the right turn in the direction of Lombardi Circle. Access to Leavey Garage, however, will still be maintained via Entrance 1 from Reservoir Road.

As a result of the underpass closure, the taxi cab stand outside of the hotel will be eliminated. Anyone in need of a ride from the hotel should request pick-up along West Road. Drop-offs via taxis and rideshare vehicles to the hotel and conference center should be directed to Level P3 of Leavey Garage.

On Wednesday, April 3 and Thursday, April 4, from 3 to 9 p.m., the structural elements of the Lombardi Circle canopy will be removed. During this time, the door from the Lombardi Center to the circle will be closed for emergency egress only. Pedestrians looking to exit the building in the direction of Leavey are advised to take the stairs down one floor in Lombardi, enter Gorman on the ground floor, then walk through the building to exit. Please refer to this map for alternate and accessible pedestrian routes. The underpass closure is noted in purple on the map.

Additionally, as part of the Central Plant Modernization and Upgrade project, the sidewalk area north of Leavey Garage in the northeast corner of the building will be excavated beginning Tuesday, April 2 through Friday, April 19. This area is currently constrained to the north by the surgical pavilion site. In order to do necessary work, pedestrians connecting from Tondorf to the area north of Leavey and the hospital will be rerouted through Level P1 of Leavey Garage. Please refer to this map for clarity.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the ongoing construction activity.

Project Update (3/1/2019)

To support the ongoing construction and improvements for Cooper Field, West Road between the utility plant (north of North Road) and the main stairs near Yates Field House will be closed nightly beginning next Monday, March 4 through Friday, March 8, from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Please refer to the site map below, which outlines the impacts and recommended pedestrian pathways. The closure is scheduled to coincide with spring break to minimize disruptions for the Georgetown community. The sidewalk along West Road will remain open for pedestrians, however, there will be no vehicle access during the designated nightly hours. 

Signage and flaggers will be in place near Hariri and Cooper Field to direct traffic along the Hariri-Regents pathway. For its final hour of service, the mini shuttle will detour along North Road and Tondorf, then travel in front of Hariri to Level P3 of the Leavey Garage.

A one-lane closure of West Road may be required during the day hours for the Central Utility Plant. We will follow up with details to confirm if and when a closure is necessary. 

As with all similar projects, the schedule of all construction-related work may be affected by inclement weather.

Cooper Field Updated Construction Map

Project Update (2/27/2019)

Beginning this Friday, March 1, MedStar and its contractors will close the sidewalk between Entrance 0 and Entrance 1 along Reservoir Road as part of construction for the MedStar Medical/Surgical Pavilion. Signage will be in place to detour pedestrians to the crosswalks at the intersection of 38th and 37th Streets and to use the sidewalk across the street. Pedestrians may continue to enter/exit via Entrance 0. Please see the map below which details the sidewalk closure.

The closure is expected to be in place for three weeks. As with all similar projects, the schedule may be affected by inclement weather or other factors.

If you have any questions about MedStar’s pavilion construction, please contact Trammel Crow Company Construction Executive Matt Maio, via email at or 202-360-5735.

Pedestrian Pathways guideline

Project Update (1/31/2019)

To facilitate construction of the new East-West Road, the road south of the Lombardi circle (West Road) will be closed to vehicular traffic beginning this Friday, February 1. The road will remain closed through at least May.

Please refer to the map below which outlines the alternate pedestrian routes around the construction area. This route will remain in place until West Road and the koi pond path reopen later this year. Signage will be placed along the pedestrian path for guidance.

East West Road Impacts

Project Update (11/29/2018)

In order to support continued progress of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Medical/Surgical Pavilion, the construction site will permanently expand to encompass what is currently Parking Lot B and the roadway in front of St. Mary’s Hall. Beginning Saturday, December 1, the expanded site will result in changes to pedestrian walkways and require the relocation of the Wisconsin Avenue GUTS shuttle stop.

Pedestrian Access Change

The expansion of the construction site will result in a new pedestrian route on the north side of the Hospital campus. Those traveling to Epicurean or the Student Health Center from the hospital area must use Entrance 1 to access the public sidewalk along Reservoir Road. To access Epicurean or the Student Health Center, pedestrians can turn right into the entrance/roadway at the end of the wooden fence to walk behind St. Mary’s Hall (see map below). Signage will be in place on all pedestrian routes. This route is not accessible for those with limited mobility, as it involves outdoor stairs.

Those who require an accessible route to Epicurean, Student Health Center or Darnall Hall may exit from the hospital area one of two ways:

  1. Exit via the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center lobby and continue to the Leavey Center.
  2. Exit via the ground floor of the Gorman or PHC building and continue to the Leavey Center.
Pedestrian Walkway Medstar